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Vessel size and engine power


No person shall use within the District in fishing for sea fish or shellfish any net or any other instrument except:-


(i)     from the beach or from a boat the overall length of which does not  exceed 17 metres and when using trawl nets, dredges or other towed fishing instruments whose total engine does not exceed 221 kilowatts or, in the case of derated engines, did not exceed 243 kilowatts before derating; or

(ii)    for scientific purposes or for stocking or breeding purposes with the consent of the Committee.


For the purpose of this byelaw, engine power shall be defined as the combined total of the maximum continuous power which can be obtained at the flywheel of all engines which can, by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or other means, be applied to vessel propulsion, as advised by the engine manufacturers under normal running conditions when supplied new.


No deduction shall be made in respect of any auxiliary machinery driven by the engine.


For the purposes of this byelaw, the length of a vessel shall be the length overall, defined as the distance in a straight line between the foremost point of the bow and the aftermost point of the stern.


The bow is to be taken to include the watertight hull structure, forecastle, stem and forward bulwark, if fitted to exclude bowsprits and safety rails.


The stern is to be taken to include the watertight hull structure, transom, poop, trawl ramp and bulwark, but to exclude safety rails, bumkins, propulsion machinery, rudders and steering gear, and divers’ ladders and platforms.


The length overall shall be measured in metres with an accuracy of two decimal places.


This byelaw shall not apply in that part of the district which lies between a line drawn 3 nautical miles to seaward from baselines and a line drawn 6 nautical miles to seaward from baselines, to any vessel exceeding 17 metres overall length or 221 Kw engine power, or both, provided that the owner has prior to the confirmation of this byelaw fished in the said part of the district, and who has applied in writing for registration with the Committee within six months from the date of advertisement of this byelaw and subsequently been entered onto the register and as long as the vessel remains in the same ownership.


For the purpose of this byelaw “owner” means the owner as recorded in the register held by the registrar of shipping for the country of the vessel.

Placing and use of fixed engines


The placing and use of fixed engines for taking or facilitating the taking of fish of  any description, but excluding salmon and sea trout, in any part of the District is hereby authorised provided that the following conditions are complied with:-


No fixed engine shall be set in that part of the District enclosed within a radius of 1.5 nautical miles of the chimney of Richborough Power Station in the County of Kent situated at 51018.56’N, 010 20.85’E, during the months of April to September inclusive, in any year.


No fixed engine shall be set in any part of the District West of a line drawn from London Stone near the entrance to Yantlet Creek, in the County of Kent, to Crow Stone, otherwise the City Stone, opposite Canvey Island, in the County of Essex, and continued on either side to the mean high water mark.