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The Ken Green

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Fishery officer patrols

Kent and Essex SFC has 7 warranted fishery officers who patrol throughout the district.  Inspections carried out by fishery officers take place both at sea and on shore, day and night.  To enable inspections at sea, the Committee owns two vessels which are specifically designed for the purpose the ‘Ken Green’ and the ‘KES’.

The Kent and Essex SFC patrol boat the ‘Ken Green’is based in Ramsgate and has a crew of 4. The vessel came into service in 2000 and is a 16m fast patrol vessel.  The ‘Ken Green’ covers the whole of the district and carries a RIB which can be launched from its ramp in various sea conditions to undertake boardings at sea. 

The ‘KES’ is based at Brightlingsea and is manned by 2 crew.  The vessel came into service in 1995 and is 8m in length.  As well as being used for inshore patrols the ‘KES’ carries a grab which is used to undertake shellfish surveys on offshore beds.